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8 March 2010

Seventeen Snowy Travellers
Pray at Los Alamos' Former CMR Building

Los Alamos, NM: Trinity Nuclear Abolitionists (TNA) hosted 60 friends for a late-February prayer-action at Los Alamos. In commemoration of Nuclear-Free Pacific Day (March 1st) the Pacific Life Community came to New Mexico for a Faith and Resistance Retreat. The Abolitionist demonstrations against nuclearism have been held every month for almost three years at LANL, usually in front of the main entrance sign at the corner of Diamond and West Jemez. Eighteen of the demonstrators left the free-speech zone at 1:00pm on February 28th and walked to the site of the former (circa 1969) Chemistry Metalurgy Research (CMR) building. They prayed the Our Father and then left the site. The prayerful group is hoping that the work of the every CMR facility will cease immediately, and that the CMRR building will NEVER be built to replace any CMR buildings. LANL Security folks temporarily delayed the activists on their way south on Diamond Drive. On Tuesday March 9th, some of the same vigillers will be praying at the same location. This time, TNA will host students from Creighton University for the demonstration of prayer-power. TNA is always nonviolent, playful and peaceful.

LANL is a facility of the DoE. TNA is opposed to the illegal missions of LANL and the DoE. TNA decries their works of war and nuclear barbarism while remaining committed to the goodness of the human employees at LANL, and the potential for employees to free themselves from the shackles of nuclearism.

PLC on Feb 28th 2010