Trinity Nuclear Abolition
7 October 2012
Contact Phone: 505.842.5697


Every year a handful of folks opposing nuclear weapons production at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) go to trial. The recent Hiroshima Day (August 6th) defendants will not be in court on Wednesday the 17th of October, but Trinity Nuclear Abolition (TNA) will host a vigil for peace at LANL. About 10 people will be present at the October peace meditation at the main welcome sign for LANL at the corner of Diamond and West Jemez. This will be TNA's 63rd LANL peace vigil, still focused on LANL's need to face its responsibilities in the realm of environmental justice, LANL's need to clean up it's toxic legacy, and humanity's need for LANL's nuclear violence to cease immediately. The demonstration will last from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. The 1:00pm pre-trial hearing in the City of Los Alamos under Judge Alan Kirk has been postponed--and the trial is currently scheduled for January 11th 2013. At least five nuclear abolitionists who were arrested at LANL will be in court for that trial.

More information about the recent arrests at LANL during peaceful demonstrations supporting the abolition of nuclear weapons can be found online. TNA is always nonviolent, respectful, and peaceful, upholding international law and opposing criminal activities at LANL. TNA will be distributing fliers regarding the international criminal activity of LANL, particularly the ongoing LANL work of plutonium pit production and the CMRR project.

The date of this vigil also commemorates the poisoning of Western Shoshone land by the USA's nuclear weapons testing program in Nevada. Three nuclear explosion tests (code-names below) were conducted on October 17th, during three different years (1958, 1963 and 1974) at that Nevada National Security Site, formerly known as the Nevada Test Site. Like the 1945 Hiroshima Day war crime (which was code-named "Little Boy") committed by American scientists from Los Alamos and the US Army pilots, the further environmental crimes of radioactively poisoning Western Shoshone land on this date were also code-named by nuclear scientists. Listed chronologically, the October 17th criminal nuclear bomb tests were named "Vesta, Mullet and Estaca."


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