Peace Breaks Out; There's No Doubt
Next Peace Vigil at California's Nuclear Lab:
Ash Wednesday (Feb 10th, 2016) @ LLNL's EASTGate

Next Peace Vigil at NM's Nuclear Town:
August 6th, 2015 @ Ashley Pond

Last Summer the town of Los Alamos celebrates it's violence, and the justice & peace folks come from surrounding states in solidarity with the Tularosa downwinders as they prayed and held ceremonies for the sake of ending the nuclear violence asap. Because of the 1979 nuclear spill at 5:30am and the 1945 nuclear bomb @ 5:30, July 16th is "New Mexico Nuclear Disasters Day."

Listen to Manhattan Project folks & unrelated kids in the 1980s reflecting on the religion of nuclearism.

~~~~~~~~~~A Few Years Ago~~~~~~~~~

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