Trinity Nuclear Abolition
31 January 2012
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Trinity Nuclear Abolition (TNA) organizes monthly peace vigils at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and elsewhere. Yesterday--January 30th--five residents of Albuquerque, NM were released after 4 days in jail. Last week the five prayer-activists held a peace vigil for 5 minutes at the Los Alamos Justice Center (2500 Trinity Dr. Los Alamos, NM--next to Ashley Pond) prior to turning themselves in for warrants signed last week at Los Alamos Magistrate Court (LAMC). This is the 3rd picketing event for TNA at Ashley Pond in three years. Most TNA vigils are at LANL or on the border of LANL near White Rock.. The vigil and jail time stemmed from a Fathers' Day 2011 prayer-action and arrest at LANL and an October plea-bargain hearing regarding the June arrests. In both cases, the five who were arrested and jailed were pointing the finger at LANL's criminal activity and the LAMC's failure to uphold Constitutional provisions (see below) regarding the "law of the land". LAMC demanded that the five be jailed from 26 January to 30 January, 2012, in lieu of the five donating $73 to the LAMC. The five co-defendants who were arrested at a Father's Day Retreat (while literally crawling amidst police towards LANL's plutonium pit production site) already served 90 days probation, and donated the "mandatory court fee" to a local Tewa environmental justice program. In November and December 2011 TNA proved that the local police and court system are actively breaking international treaties by supporting alleged property rights of LANL. March's vigil will be held on Tuesday March 6th. It will be the 57th vigil at LANL conducted by TNA.

The LANL Fathers Day 5 refused to support the LAMC because it failed repeatedly to uphold a provision of the US Constitution--Article VI (requiring all judges in the USA to be bound by international treaties), and because the purpose of the Fathers Day prayer-action was to protect the land, people, and other creatures in the region against the CMRR and other irresponsible crimes committed by LANL. "Each of us [the Fathers Day 5] has redirected our individual $73 donations to Tewa Women United, rather than to a court which has subverted international justice in the region, a court which actively supports the crimes against humanity and against the environment by upholding alleged property rights of the worlds greatest nuclear terrorist--Los Alamos National Laboratory under the Department of Energy," said Marcus Page-Collonge, coordinator of Trinity Nuclear Abolition. The Fathers Day 5 were incarcerated starting exactly 7 months after the devastating Las Conchas fire which shut down LANL for a week last June and which was forced away from the nuclear waste at LANL and into tribal pueblo lands destroying much of the region. Los Alamos County Police point out that local laws do not indicate punishments for disobeying the US Constitution, so police are reluctant to arrest international law-breakers while knowing the cases won't hold up in court because the courts have no guidelines on the law books.

TNA is a faith-based, spirit-led group which holds monthly peace vigils at LANL and elsewhere. TNA holds the position that the Tewa of San Ildefonso Pueblo are the rightful stewards of the lands which are occupied by LANL, and that the Department of Energy needs to shut down LANL, and re-hire appropriate employees to clean up their toxic legacy in the region (under a new agency with a new mission) and make amends to the local peoples immediately. TNA wishes for peace, goodness, happiness, and environmental responsibility to replace the agenda items held by the Atomic Energy Commission, ERDA, the DOE, the NNSA, and other government agencies practicing the religion of nuclearism.

TNA pledges to continue vigilling until the majority of LANL resources are spent on CLEAN-UP of radioactively contaminated sites at LANL. TNA supports the immediate peaceful ending of nuclear weapons research, development, and production. For four years TNA has protested LANL's noncompliance with the U.S. Constitutional duties and U.S. treaty obligations. TNA is always nonviolent, playful, prayerful and peaceful in the prayer-actions conducted at LANL.

The lovarchists of TNA attempt to love enemies, and advocate for others to do likewise, in order to bring about the highest quality of security. TNA thereby calls for cleanup of radioactive sites, disarmament of nuclear weapons industries and active rebuilding of a peaceful structures in the USA. TNA denounces nuclearism because TNA is a spiritually grounded group promoting peaceful disciplines and healthy ways of living in harmony with creation.


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