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Will Covert, Juan Montoya, Bobbie Sue Davis, Marc Page and Mitzi Kraft
Updates on the LANL FD5:

Fathers Day 5 OUT of Jail

Beginning Thursday the 26th of January, the LANL Fathers Day 5 were held in a local jail for four days and nights. The Fathers Day 5 witnessed high levels of disrespect in jail, and are writing a report with recommendations for Los Alamos County to follow to be able to treat their inmates better. See the Los Alamos Monitor story from pre-MLK Day.

How It Began
30 People gathered on Sunday at various times to pray and vigil for peace. Some came for just an hour, others for the whole six hours from noon to 6pm on Fathers Day 2011. They told the LANL security folks that they'd finish 30 minutes early the next day, leaving the designated protest zone at 11:30 instead of noon on Monday. Radical Cheerleaders gave rousing cheers, and Chelsea facilitated walking meditations.

What Happened the Day After Holy Trinity Sunday?

15 people re-gathered on Monday morning at 6:15am in the same location. By 11:00 another 10 had joined the group. They all left the main entrance area at 11:30, to begin a secondary prayer-action, by walking south towards the CMR and CMRR sites. Within two blocks the security folks interrupted the procession, and called LA police to be handy. Most of the pedestrians were intimidated by the threats that security folks tossed at the activists. Most heeded the warnings, but five continued to process further, and then to negotiate with the Chief of Police (Torpy) and the Security Chief (Kileen). The chiefs agreed to not stop the five from processing another 5 blocks, but gave a warning that they could go no further than the badging area nearer the CMRR. When all the people arrived at (100 feet shy of) the badging gate, the five were given a final warning, and instead stayed true to their mission of trying to pray AT the CMRR. For this continued momentum beyond the final warning the five were immediately arrested, while trying to crawl to their destination.

What's Coming After This Court Case?

The "LANL Fathers Day 5" (FD5) appeared together in court on October 18th for a pretrial hearing. Los Alamos police struck a plea bargain with the five co-defendants. TNA conducts prayer vigils on the mornings before the court hearings. The LANL FD5 sent a letter on December 22nd to the Los Alamos Magistrate Court promising to NEVER pay the "mandatory court costs". Instead, each convicted defendant is paying the same amount ($73) to Tewa Women United. Judge Pat Casados had promised on October 18th to give each defendant 4 days in jail for failure to pay on time. The deadline is Martin Luther King Jr. Day--January 16th 2012. News Release

One PERSPECTIVE-Narrative From Day of Arrest
Another PERSPECTIVE-Narrative From Day of Arrest
News Release #1 = (offsite pix)
News Release #2 = Hiroshima & Nagasaki Day Commemorations
Final News Release Closing the Case of the LANL FD5
GOOD Story from Los Alamos Monitor #1
BAD Story from Los Alamos Monitor #2
Three of the defendants were on Progressive New Mexico Radio Show, and the broadcast of Sunday August 7th is ARCHIVED here.

An excerpt from the NEWS Release...
The plea bargains reached on October 18th were signed by magistrate Pat Casados and each defendant, indicating each defendant pays $73 in court costs to the magistrate court and break no laws in Los Alamos County until after until after January 16th 2012 (90 days). The defendants had pleaded “no contest” to Criminal Trespass 30-141B under these conditions that do not inhibit freedom for the Fathers Day 5 in other territories, or in Los Alamos after January 16th.
News Release


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