Trinity Nuclear Abolition
8 February 2013
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Peace Vigil In Livermore Commemorates 9 Nuclear Bomb Explosions

Every year civilians around the USA gather at important nuclear weapons sites to demonstrate opposition to their local sites of international crime. Places like Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the Kansas City Plant (KCP), the Y-12 facility near Knoxville, TN and California's own nuclear weapons lab known as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Each site has watch-dog groups and activist groups trying to help the public remain vigilant regarding the offenses committed by the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration. Recently, a couple of nuclear abolitionists came from New Mexico to join local groups like Tri-Valley CAREs in supporting the end of the nuclear age starting with LLNL.

Trinity Nuclear Abolition (TNA) has hosted monthly peace vigils at LANL for five years, and now is starting monthly vigils at LLNL. Once a year the local police in Los Alamos arrest peace activists for alleged "trespassing" at LANL, while ignoring the alleged trespasses of nuclear weaponeers plotting nuclear terrorism globally, at LANL. LLNL is guilty of similar crimes according to nuclear abolitionists who wish the USA would abide by its treaties and pay attention to the International Court of Justice's 1996 opinion on the illegality of nuclear weapons.

Today's peace vigil at LLNL was the first in a new series of small monthly demonstrations and prayer-actions, and a statement of affirmation of God's Love for all creation. This is the 4th anniversary of the betrothal of Chelsea & Marcus Page-Collonge, and they are committed to monthly vigils for environmental justice and love for enemies in Livermore, CA, because of their understanding that all followers of Christ are called to work for peace and justice in the modern world.

The date of this vigil (February 8th) also commemorates the poisoning of Western Shoshone land by the USA's nuclear weapons testing program in Nevada. February 8th, 1963 was the date that the USA detonated four nuclear bombs in the Nevada Desert--some of the 1,000 test explosions that poisoned Shoshone land at that Nevada National Security Site, formerly known as the Nevada Test Site. This environmental injustice in the form of radioactive poisoning of Western Shoshone land on this date was not limited to 1963. The criminal nuclear bomb tests conducted by the US Atomic Energy Commission (fore-runner of the NNSA/DoE) were named "Acushi, Casselman, Ferret & Hatchie" 50 years ago today, but Marcus Page-Collonge, one of the demonstrators at LLNL today said, "Also on this date in '62, '67, '68, '76, '79 five other nuclear bombs were detonated at the Nevada nuclear testing grounds named Stillwater, Ward, Schooner, Redmud, Quniella, respectively. All explosions of nuclear bombs are either war crimes like in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or crimes against humanity under international law, or crimes against the Spirit of God by the idolatrous nature and the fact that that each nuclear bomb is a gross disrespect for God's creation. That's why we'll keep praying monthly on the first or second Friday at Livermore--until these immature science-based crimes cease to be birthed here."


FIRST monthly vigil at LLNL in February 2013, clickable for the audio collage of LANL scientists and ordinary kids in the 1980s
Audio Collage of LASL/LANL Scientists & Kids of the 80s

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